Welcome 2021

I led the UX design team, which consist of 2 UX designers and 1 UX researcher and 1 UX writer. In addition I work alongside 2 Product Managers and report directly to the Head of Product. In this project, I also work with multiple departments and stakeholders such as Strategy team, Data analyst team, Branding, Marketing, Hospital, Sales to Insurance Team. For the process, I want to also empower the other designers through the discovery process, help them navigate the ambiguous problems, and be involved in the strategy discussion alongside stakeholders.

Redesign projects are challenging for various reasons. Designing and changing the way users behave in apps that have 18 million users is not easy. Making the apps work even better is a huge challenge. At the same time we need to find balance between business visibility, technical feasibility and user desirability. It’s not just about revamping the visual style but providing a seamless experience for our customer. Besides, we need to redesign the entire UX, visual and structure hierarchy to make it a better and more familiar experience to suit our users mental model.