Jan - Jul 2019

Increase user activation in e-Faktur – Invoice virality loop study case in OnlinePajak

Since built in 2016, Alodokter mobile app has been super helpful for 5 million of users to get their answer for medical problem and search reliable source of disease. In 2019, we have enormous challenge to make Alodokter mobile app in order to increase user engagement, some business numbers and change the overall approach to inline the user needs as well as the business needs.

My Roles

I led UX design team, which consist of 2 UX designers and 1 UX researcher and 1 UX writer. In addition I work alongside 2 Product Manager and I want to empowered the designers through the discovery process, helped them navigate the ambiguous problems, and involved in the strategy discussion alongside stakeholders.

The Challenges

Back in that time, the UX team is new in the company. The product team itself is just built for around 4 months. The challenge is enourmous, from change the way we operate as a product team to acknowledge the process to other department team and stakeholders. The design decision solely rely on what stakeholders have in mind and execute directly to some product.